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Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions that should help.

What dogs will you look after?
We will take care of almost any breed of dog, small or large, as long as they are sociable with other dogs and humans, well balanced and not too boisterous and excitable, as this can lead to aggrivation and intimidation for the other dogs in our care.
Our only exceptions:
We cannot take any dog who is not inoculated.
We cannot take any un-neutered male dog.
We cannot take any dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or any dog hybrids registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976.
We cannot take any dog that is aggressive in ANY way or TOO boisterous.
Can I come for a home visit first, to see what your home is like and where my dog will stay?
Yes - of course. We actually insist on this prior to taking a booking, as we get to meet your dog and they get to meet us too.Please phone to arrange a visit, to make sure we are not out walking our dogs or we have other visits arranged.

What will I need to bring with my dogs when staying with you -The list looks long, but it's quite simple really.

1. We need your dogs inoculation certificate - We must have the original whilst your dog is our care.
2. Your dog/s own food - as this wont upset they’re tummy.
3. You can also bring they’re bedding (must be machine washable
, if any bedding gets dirty or wet it will be washed and the dog given new at no extra charge) and/or toy if you think it would make them more comfortable, again we have plenty of these. (if any bedding gets dirty or wet it will be washed and the dog given new. 
4. Any medication your dog/s may require. Inc. ear/eye drops, tablets, medicine.
5. A properly fitting collar . If we find the collar is not fitted properly and will slip over the dogs head easily we will use one of our own alternatives so as to keep your dog safe.
How often will my dog be taken for a walk?
Twice a day - AM and PM. 

How often will you feed my dog?
As often as you feed them. We try and keep to they’re own routine as much as possible.
Will my dog have company at all times?
Yes - There will be someone with your dog at all times. Dogs are NEVER left on their own!

Can you still look after my dog if he/she is not toilet trained?
Yes, of course we can - We have plenty of training pads we can use on the floors.
Will they have access to garden as well as the house?
Yes - A door will be open all day come rain or shine, but closed at night. Unless it's exceptionally cold or raining heavily.

Where will my dog stay whilst with you?
In our home at all times (unless out on a walk of course).

Where will my dog sleep at night whilst with you?
Wherever they are used to sleeping at home. We try and do the same in our house. (eg. In the bedroom, in the lounge - ect. However we DO NOT allow dogs to sleep on our beds).
What if I am late picking up my dog?
Don’t worry, we understand things don’t always go to plan. All we ask is that you to let us know what is happening, as we do have to take other dogs for walks and give them their food.
What if my dog is on medication?
Don’t worry, we can give medication to your dog whenever it is needed. This includes ear/eye drops, tablets, medicine. These must be supplied by the owner or vet.

What if my dog/s became unwell whilst staying with you?
We will try our best to get hold of the owner / owner’ representative and ask what they would like us to do, and your dog can either be collected or we can arrange for veterinary care (at owners cost). If on the other hand it is an emergency (in our opinion), we will take the dog to the dog' vet as soon as possible and any costs incurred will be met by the owner entirely on their return. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF -  the dog' usual vet is not being local to us, we will then take the dog to our vet (Shepherd - Brackla) instead and again the cost will be met entirely by the owner on their return.
You are called DOGGIE DAYCARE - do you only take care of them in the day?
NO - we can take care of your dog from a few hours a day to 6 weeks or more if needed, and this includes overnight too.